13 January 2010

Tips for Moodle Users: Part I

There are constantly new things I'm learning as I use Moodle, most of them are things I wish I'd known when I first started that would've saved me hassle and time.  I'll keep adding new posts to this as I think of them. Most of what I'm thinking of now are ways to get around the endless scrolling that Moodle sometimes requires.

  1. Create a Navigation Panel with an HTML block in your course.  This minimizes the frustration of constantly having to scroll through a course as more and more items become unlocked.
  2. Along with the navigation panel it is also nice to put a "back to top" link in each section to avoid having to scroll back up.  You can align the text to the right and embed a link to the course page to accomplish this.
  3. Organize your gradebook.  Create Quarter or Unit folders to put assignments into so that you can minimize them so you don't have to do so much scrolling through the gradebook to find your place.
  4. If you want to create a resource to link to within another resource but you don't want the link visible on the main page then create an extra section for your course.  After writing what you want to you can remove that section but the items references will still be there.  If this makes no sense to you at all then watch this.
  5. Use your space.  If you are inserting labels into your main page you may want to consider inserting tables so you can put items into columns so that your page isn't simply a list of resources.
  6. When uploading files for a course organize your site files into folders.  You should also be uploading multiple files via zipped folders instead of one at a time.  This will save you hours upon hours of adding them individually. 
That's it for now.  I'll add other tips as I think of them and perhaps even compile a master list somewhere soon.