23 April 2012

I wish I could get away with this...

I was just in a conference session that I had to stay in just because of the sheer strangeness of it all. It was billed as a session about how to use OER's in course building, but he was basically talking about using things he found on the internet in his course. Nothing wrong with that, but it seemed to be a misunderstanding of the term. Hey, it got him by the proposal submission.

My favorite part was at the end when someone asked him what his "go to" resources were for finding free content and the guy told him that he uses Google :D I laughed but it was no joke.

The funniest part was how long it took him to describe it! He was talking about how to access the Google homepage and enter your search terms and if you don't find anything just alter your terms until you do.

I thought it was pretty awesome, but not for the same reason it was probably meant.

But that does lead me to another thought. Is the entire WWW an OER?

Also, he should've used this. Ha!