15 September 2006

On-line Class Norms

No emoticons, acronyms, webslang- Written communication requires that all of us have a standard format for writing. In the academic setting we will be using MLA style. When you are chatting with your friends, or in other less-formal settings, those things are fine.

No Trolling/Flaming-This has to do with throwing out insults in the hopes of starting drama/arguments.

Keep it respectful-some of you have more on-line experience/expertise than others. Be mindful of that and help each other to the best of your ability.

Most Importantly...

Check your spelling and grammar before you post! There are various ways to do this and there is a link to writing mechanics/proof reading suggestions on the external links button. These items count as part of your grade. So again, be mindful.

I/we reserve the right to modify this list as the semester progresses.